Felicia Yap - Chief Videographer at Reel Awesome Productions Calgary

Your story is your superpower.

It’s time to share it with the world.

Stop being your own worst enemy when it comes to creating video content.

Be the hero instead. I’ll be in your corner to help you grow your confidence on camera and in your ability to create videos that get views.


My video confidence coaching doesn’t jump right into explaining trending transitions and sounds. It starts with camera and performance basics to build a strong foundation so you’ll look good, sound good and feel good in the videos you create. You’ll learn how to get the highest quality videos out of your camera and how to bring out the best in your voice with vocal techniques broadcasting pros use.

Not sure what to wear? We’ll shop your closet and pick outfits that will make you pop on video. Overwhelmed by makeup products? I’ll show you the products the pros use to put their best face forward on camera.

Felicia Yap Provides 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Is video editing frustrating?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the steps it takes to post videos?

I’ll meet you where you’re at to clarify and simplify what you really need to know and do when it comes to creating and publishing videos to boost your brand.


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group workshops

Are you a business owner who wants to level up your team’s skills and knowledge when it comes to photos and videos? My interactive and hands-on workshops are customized to your needs.

Contact me for details and pricing.

Felicia Yap Leading Private Small Business Video Workshop


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create videos that get views

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