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Reel Awesome Productions is a professional and personable video production company—that’s anything but typical.

With more than two decades of industry experience, Felicia’s presentation coaching and videography skills will help you and your story shine with confidence.

Reel Awesome Productions’ specialized services stands out in the sea of videographers in Calgary, Alberta, and with Felicia’s help, your story can too.


Easy to work with:

I make content creation relaxing and collaborative. I listen to my clients and do my best to ensure their vision is respected in the final project. My experience working with multiple teams across the country, and under near-impossible deadlines makes me easy-going and flexible.

Goes the extra mile:

Client satisfaction is very important to me. I go above and beyond what is expected to produce a professional product. I take extra steps to help my coaching clients feel seen, heard and comfortable on their video confidence journey.


I’m upbeat. I take work seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I strive to deliver a positive customer experience while producing a video from the conception to the delivery to be enjoyable.


I have more than twenty years of industry knowledge and experience in front of the camera and behind it. I’ve worked with some of the best people in the country and bring that level of expertise and professionalism to all the projects I take on.


I’m an excellent listener. My extensive background in television journalism means people have shared their brightest moments and their darkest moments with me. Telling someone’s story is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. I take the time to listen and learn to tell people’s stories with dignity and respect. Raising a young family means I’m also very understanding and flexible. Life happens – when things take a turn, I believe in rolling with it to make the best of it.


I care. I really do. I love working with purpose-driven people and groups who are making positive change in their community. When you come to me, you’ll be working with a company that genuinely wants you to succeed. You’ll be getting the best I have to offer, every single time.


Kerri Cust

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Dental @ The Met Clinic Safety Measures Feature

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New Life in Canada:
Jose & Yuleima’s story Mini Documentary

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Dental @ The Met Business Feature Video

Dental @ The Met Business Highlight Video


Atish Gadiyar

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