Reel Awesome Productions is a professional and personable video production company—that’s anything but typical.

With more than two decades of industry experience, Felicia’s presentation coaching and videography skills will help you and your story shine with confidence.


Kerri Cust

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Want to clearly show what you do and what makes you special?

If you're struggling to explain all the services you provide—show potential customers all you have to offer in an impactful video. Park & Jet Calgary trusted me to create a video that showcases what customers can expect from their parking service. I co-wrote, shot, edited and voiced the following video for their website.

Do you need special event coverage that will make potential clients fall head over heels for you?

High quality event coverage requires careful planning and thoughtful attention to detail. Viewers can lose interest when a strong storyline isn't present in the finished video. Watch the following story-driven video I created for a special campaign to see an example of event coverage done well. 

Want something polished and professional to show people why they should hire you?

Simple selfie videos are great. But when you want to reel in bigger clients, catch their attention and keep them hooked with a thoughtful video that highlights your skills and your personality. One of the first things I do with my own clients is interview them to understand their story and what they want their professionally-made video to accomplish. I helped Emily with the scripting and messaging along with shooting and editing of this snappy video.

Clear is better than clever. Sometimes a straightforward message is what you need to streamline your customer journey.

Take control of the way people interact with your website. I worked with the owner of Lotus Cleaning to script several videos for his website. Clear and concise messaging was important. We worked together to practice his presentation until he was confident in front of the camera. Watch as he delivers this video message with a smile. 

Are you looking for someone who will put you at ease in front of the camera? I've got you.

I've interviewed countless people. As a journalist, I've worked with some of the best video storytellers in the country. That valuable experience helps me help you in many ways. Melanie was nervous in front of the camera. But with my positive coaching and easy-going approach to creating videos, she enjoyed the experience and we had fun together! 


Atish Gadiyar


Easy to work with:

I make content creation relaxing and collaborative. I listen to my clients and do my best to ensure their vision is respected in the final project. My experience working with multiple teams across the country, and under near-impossible deadlines makes me easy-going and flexible.

Goes the extra mile:

Client satisfaction is very important to me. I go above and beyond what is expected to produce a professional product. I take extra steps to help my coaching clients feel seen, heard and comfortable on their video confidence journey.


I’m upbeat. I take work seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I strive to deliver a positive customer experience while producing a video from the conception to the delivery to be enjoyable.


I have more than twenty years of industry knowledge and experience in front of the camera and behind it. I’ve learned from some of the best broadcasters and storytellers in Canada and bring that level of expertise and professionalism to all the projects I take on.

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