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About Felicia

Felicia Yap is a pro with a video camera and a microphone. She’s shared countless stories professionally over the past two decades as a TV broadcaster, videographer and content creator. She’s also shared her own story along with valuable tips and lessons in her book, “Don’t Stay a Secret: Grow Your Confidence Creating Videos That Get Views”. 

Felicia is hired by businesses and organizations to create compelling narrative-driven promotional videos that boost brand awareness and drive sales, and by entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create videos on their own while being confident showing up in them. She has been featured on podcasts and in articles for her expertise in video storytelling and her experience in the media. 

Felicia lights up a room with a microphone in her hand. She has been an emcee for in-person and televised events which have raised thousands of dollars for charity. She has also led interactive workshops and delivers talks at conferences with her signature humour and heart.

For years Felicia connected with audiences in front of the camera as a TV news anchor, morning show co-host, reporter and producer for CTV, a leading Canadian news network. After becoming a mom, she spread her wings and cultivated her own following creating DIY tutorials on her YouTube Channel, Most Delightful Way. In October 2020 Felicia returned to her love of telling stories and launched her own video production company, Reel Awesome Productions. When she’s not creating videos and coaching others how to do it, she’s making memories with her three young kids at her home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Episode/Speaker Headline Examples:

  1. Supercharge your marketing with your personal story
  2. Stop stalling and start creating videos that get views

Suggested Interview Questions:

  1. What equipment do you recommend to start creating videos?
    Felicia will share the basic gear you need to start making videos. She can also share what works well if you have a larger budget.
    Key takeaway: All you need is a smartphone to start creating great videos.
  2. What are your top tips for improving the quality of our videos?
    Felicia will share the most important steps in setting up your phone for video success.
  3. Many people say they can’t stand the way they look or sound on video. What’s the best way to get better on camera?
    Felicia will explain why we sound different in recordings. She will also share her proven methods to boost your confidence showing up in videos
  4. What’s the best way to prepare for a media interview?
    Felicia will explain what broadcast journalists are looking for when they interview someone and how you can sound your best delivering your answer.

create videos that get views

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